As far as I remember, I've always sewn, made jewels, knitted, embroidered, crocheted ; a real obsession which led me to retrieve fabrics, dentelles, and going to second-hand dealers, looking for materials and inspiration.

So what could be more natural than going back to ones first loves and get back in front of a sewing machine in order to give birth to silhouettes living inside of me !

I design clothes for men and women in noble materials, new or re-used ones. I make my own dyes to give a second life to old sheets, doilies and other forgotten needle works.

Historical, ethnic outfits, movies in costumes and travels are all inspiring subjects that push me to reinterpret clothing which touch our subconscious.

My creations reflect my life, my version of charm and timeless elegance, in a concern about sustainability and reasonnable consumption.

As former aircrew, my husband and I ran the whole world before creating, because of the love for Beauty and Well-Living, "Le Grillon Voyageur".

Therefore, we have created antiques and decoration's events in our different homes, before putting an end to our carriere in Sézanne.

Recently settled at the Bois d'Epense, it's an other story I've decided to tell you !!!!!

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